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    17/11/2021 - Aveley Garage & M.O.T. Centre 0 Comments
    Get Your Car Ready for Driving This Winter

    For a lot of us, the cold months represent a lot of work—we have to deal with ice, snow, and sleet. Not to mention, weather-related accidents are likely to happen during the cold months. A great deal of car crashes in the country occur because of conditions like rain, sleet, snow, fog, ice, and wet pavements.


    While one would think that ice and snow are the most dangerous driving hazards during winter, reports show that weather-related accidents are likely to occur during rainfall or on wet pavements. That is why vehicle owners are advised to work on getting all repairs done before the first fall of snow.

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    29/09/2021 - Aveley Garage & M.O.T. Centre 0 Comments
    Common MOT Failures to Avoid

    Annual MOTs can be a hassle for car owners. Even the most confident and assured of drivers have no choice but to get their cars tested. Understandably, MOT tests are not something to look forward to as you have to sit and wait for a while and hope that your car won’t need major vehicle servicing.


    Every year, around one and a half million cars in the UK fail their first MOT test for something as simple as faulty bulbs. Official statistics reveal that the average fail is the result of 3 defects, most of which could have easily been resolved before the test.


    If it’s your first time getting your car’s MOT test, we’ve gathered the most common failures you should look out for.

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