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    Timing Belt: What Is It?

    From jokes, music, and cooking to car parts and engines, timing is everything. In the case of car engines, a timing belt plays a crucial role in keeping things in sync. This belt makes sure that everything in the engine is operating smoothly to keep you safe on the road.


    Although it is a simple component; it serves a valuable purpose and can ruin your day if it suddenly fails. As you probably already know, a broken timing belt spells disaster for your car’s engine. We understand that not every car owner may not know much about that, so we’ve gathered the most important things to know about this car component.

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    08/06/2021 - Aveley Garage & M.O.T. Centre 0 Comments
    8 Tell-Tale Signs You May Need to Bring Your Car in for a Repair

    Truth be told, the need for a car repair can be pretty in your face. What can be more telling than your car breaking down mid-trip or its warning light coming on? But sometimes, the problem may not even be so direct that you have to pay extra attention to your car’s performance.


    Cars, just like every object, are not meant to last and should be treated with enough care. After all, they’re indestructible and, most of the time, expensive. So, to save yourself from costly repairs, watch out for the following issues to bring your car in for further diagnostics and repair in your local auto repair shop.

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