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    11/01/2022 - Aveley Garage & M.O.T. Centre 0 Comments
    All About the Clutch: What Is It?

    Raise your hand if you’ve ever driven a manual shift car. You’re probably familiar with the clutch by now. This third pedal that you have to press in order to change gears is essential to ensure road safety.


    But if you’ve only driven cars with automatic transmissions, this car part may not be familiar to you. While you’re on the road, your car’s engine is always spinning. There has to be a way for the wheels to disengage for them to stop moving.


    The clutch makes this possible – it disengages the wheels without killing the engine, acting almost as a brake. To learn more about this essential car part, continue reading this blog.

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  • 05/01/2022 - Aveley Garage & M.O.T. Centre 0 Comments
    6 Car Issues to Look Out for This Winter

    Every British motorist is well-versed in how to endure extreme weather in the UK. But the reality is that cars are affected just as much as people when temperatures start to drop. After all, cars can’t put on a sweater or turn up the heat.


    Vehicles parked outside are exposed to snow, sleet, and rain, which can contribute to a ton of mechanical issues. Even vehicles parked in a garage and away from the elements will still be affected by plummeting temperatures. Car problems in the winter are inevitable, which is why it’s crucial for motorists to know how to protect their cars from sub-zero temperatures.


    We have gathered the most common car issues to look out for during the winter and how to avoid them.

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