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The Top Reasons We Think Car Servicing Is Important

Alongside your MOT, your car service is one of the regular checks that’s available to you as a motorist. While the MOT is mandatory once your car is three years old, servicing is advised rather than enforced. However, we believe that through this blog, we can show you why servicing needs to be a part of your car maintenance routine.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

Most motorists will do a bit of shopping around to find the best fuel prices. However, you may find that you’re saving even more money on your fuel with regular servicing. Your car will usually have better fuel efficiency with regular servicing, and this means that the money you put in at the pump will go a lot further. You’ll also be able to have the radio and air conditioning on without worrying about burning through all your fuel!

Better Reliability

Over time, vehicles inevitably face problems. It’s not something that can be avoided, but as we’ll go on to talk about, it’s something that can be minimised as much as possible. With regular car servicing, the reliability of your vehicle is much better.

Because the main parts of your car are all checked and then worked on if necessary, you’ll have a reliable, well-looked-after vehicle to drive around in.

Save Money on Expensive Repairs

The worst thing about a car breaking down is that you’re usually stranded until a repair can be carried out. The second-worst thing is that you know that you’re probably going to be facing a hefty bill to get on the road again.

However, a regular servicing schedule means that minor problems can be picked up earlier and remedied there and then. This means that bigger problems are much less likely to develop as things are nipped in the bud by an experienced team of mechanics.

Give Yourself Peace of Mind

Knowing that your car is being checked by an experienced team of professionals can give you amazing peace of mind. Especially with used cars, there’s always a fear that something could go wrong or slip under the radar during an MOT.

With the added assurance of regular servicing, you can be sure that your car will work perfectly for years to come.

Be Less Worried at MOT Time

When the time comes for your MOT, it’s easy to feel a sense of dread. You’ll think about whether your six-month-old tires have somehow passed the legal limit twice over or that your brake pads have somehow crumbled to dust.

However, when you have a service plan that runs alongside your annual MOT, many of these fears are allayed. Your car is being checked at least twice a year with a service and MOT (depending on how many miles you do), so you can relax in the knowledge that you should pass your MOT with flying colours.

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