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8 Tell-Tale Signs You May Need to Bring Your Car in for a Repair

Truth be told, the need for a car repair can be pretty in your face. What can be more telling than your car breaking down mid-trip or its warning light coming on? But sometimes, the problem may not even be so direct that you have to pay extra attention to your car’s performance.


Cars, just like every object, are not meant to last and should be treated with enough care. After all, they’re indestructible and, most of the time, expensive. So, to save yourself from costly repairs, watch out for the following issues to bring your car in for further diagnostics and repair in your local auto repair shop.

1. A Large Amount of Exhaust Smoke

Apart from the check engine or warning light coming on, increased exhaust smoke is one of the first things many people notice if their car’s engine is in trouble. You should be on the lookout for any change in emissions, especially if you see your car producing large amounts of coloured exhaust smoke. You can often tell what the problem is just by judging the colour of the smoke.


Black smoke signals that your vehicle is using too much gasoline. White smoke is a sign of burning coolant or coolant leak in the engine, while blue smoke is an indication of oil in the combustion chamber.


2. Unusual Sounds

Any unusual noise—clunking, ticking, clicking—indicates something is wrong with your car. It could be as minor as an oil change which only needs a simple fix. However, it is not wise to leave your car for too long as its engine could deteriorate.


If you hear a knocking sound under the hood, this could mean that the engine bearings need replacement. Many of the engine’s moving parts rest on these bearings and if they seize up, then your car may either need massive engine repair or an engine replacement. So, bring your car in for a repair the moment you hear unusual noises.


3. Decreased Performance

Is there a significant drop in your car’s fuel economy? Do you have trouble getting it up to speed?


This could indicate that something is amiss with the engine, but many issues can cause decreased performance. To properly diagnose your car, bring it to a professional car repair shop.


4. Odd Smells

If you smell strange odours, know that this isn’t something to be overlooked. Most of the time, odd smells are a strong indicator of vehicle trouble. You may already have come across some of the most common smells that include a sweet, maple-like smell.


This could mean that your car is leaking coolant. If you notice a gym bag smell, this is a sign that mould has ravaged the AC or heater vents. If you smell something reminiscent of burning paper, this means that it is time to bring your car in for clutch repair.


5. Fluid Leaks

Apart from odd smells, you should also watch out for fluid leaks. There’s something wrong with your car if it used to average a certain gas mileage but is now suddenly chugging gas. The reasons behind dropped gas mileage often vary: a bad thermostat, a dirty air filter, or something bigger in scope.


Take note that cars use several fluids to operate their various systems safely and efficiently. If you do spot anything leaking from your vehicle, be sure to get the leak looked at. You can do little checks yourself, like checking the tire pressure, but the best way to solve the problem is to have your car serviced by professionals.


6. Brake Issues

It’s normal for brakes to squeak occasionally, especially if they’re wet or dirty. If you drive to the beach or after a rainstorm, you may notice your brakes squeak. However, brakes that make sounds beyond the occasional squeak are a cause for concern.


A common indicator of brake issues is an unusual activity within the brake system, which manifests as squealing. This could mean that the brake pads are all worn out. Your brakes are gone if you hear metal grinding sounds.


Brake pads are crucial to your daily drives. They make it possible for you to stop your car. So, if you suspect any brake issues, better let the professionals diagnose your car so they can do the right repairs.


7. Ignition Problems

There’s nothing more inconvenient than having a vehicle with ignition problems. If your truck or car refuses to start sometimes or takes forever to turn over, there could be an underlying problem with its spark plug. This can be bad for your engine when left unattended, so turn to a mechanic to get it fixed right away.


8. Rough Idle

Does your car seem as though it is going to die when it is stopped? This could be due to bad ignition coils, clogged fuel filter, or corroded spark plugs. This could also mean that there is a problem with the fuel pump. As such, be sure to take it to your local auto repair shop so they can diagnose the real problem.


Professional Car Repair at Aveley Garage & MOT Centre

Do you suspect that something is off with your vehicle? Bring your car to a trusted mechanic like the guys over at Aveley Garage and MOT Centre. Warning light coming on, increased exhaust smoke, brake issues—we can fix all vehicle issues.


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